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Welcome to Catching Water.  May I share with you some of what I’ve learned from listening to inner guidance, and how this blog came to be?

The work that I have done since 1989 began with a dream. No, not an aspiration or daydream, a real night time dream in which I was taught and shown new work I was to begin.  Formerly a high school English teacher, I embarked on a journey, based on that dream, which has led to a life more miraculous and fulfilling than I ever could have imagined.

The book that I later wrote was also first shown to me in a dream years before manifesting it on the outer.

A few months ago I had a dream in which  I was shown a book with my name on it with this title:  The Epistles of Susan Spalding.

When I awoke, I found that to be a little presumptuous.  Who am I to write epistles?  Later I realized that epistles simply means letters, though perhaps a little more formal than the usual one we might write to a friend.

The very next day a client came in and joyfully announced the birth of a great grandbaby.  She said that she had bought a card and was going to write an epistle.  Well, I’ve learned over time that if God wants to get our attention, we get more than one message.

But time went by, and I had no clue what to do with the idea of writing “letters.”  Then a client came in and told me the wonderful catching water story that I retold in the first blog post.  Our time together that day was a special, sacred experience, and as I was driving home afterwards, on the inner I knew  she had just given me the title for a blog.  So I understood I had to start the process by learning how to set up a blog, then I trusted the rest would be supplied as needed.

I am telling you all of this to lead up to an experience and what I learned from it about the process of manifesting

One day about three months ago, I had a most remarkable experience.  It had been a wonderful day, one during which I had much gratitude and a truly open heart.  I stopped at the grocery store on the way home from work.  As I stood at one of the food counters, I noticed in my side vision that two women with two young boys had walked up beside me.  Almost immediately the youngest boy walked to me, put his arms around my waist, and lay his head against me.  He never said a word, but he had the most serene presence and beautiful smile.  I was truly encircled with the most pure and innocent love.

I knelt beside him and said, “You are a very special boy.  You are going to do something great when you grow up.”  The other boy immediately said, “What about me?”  I walked over to him and knelt beside him and told him he was very special too, and that they would both grow up do something amazing.

Very  confidently he said, “I’m the oldest.  I’m 7.  He’s only 4.  So I’ll be first.”

The next morning I received a call that my younger brother had passed away.  I understood that God had given me this gift of love the day before, a very special gift, ahead of receiving this news.

It was a few weeks later that I gained another insight from the experience.  The youngest boy represented the purity, love, and innocent trust and wisdom of Soul.  The older boy represented the human will.  And as I told both boys, when love and will combine, wonderful things can be accomplished.

By whatever name you wish to give the source of our dreams and aspirations-higher self, Spirit, the universe-when inspiration and a dream comes, we must use our will and human resources to manifest it.  And if we stay observant, the right way and time are also shown to us.

How many “letters” I will write, I don’t know.  I just plan to keep dreaming this life and keep looking for the next step.

With appreciation,

Susan Spalding








6 thoughts on “About this Blog

  1. Wow Susan this is wonderful! Definitely has the flow and feel of the book. Your writings reflect such an inspired and devoted consciousness that has crystal vision, pure in heart. Your messages reflect such rich levels of insight and wisdom. Anyone who reads them will truly be blessed. Thank you dear friend. May the Blessings Be.


  2. Susan, You have brought me so many things …one being to accept and how to use my gifts for the greater good. You lead by example..I have watched for many years and experienced your loving guidance by watching you live your life with an open and loving heart to a life of service for all whom I believe to have the good fortune to meet you. Love the blog!😘


  3. What a beautiful way to spread the words that are in your heart! Letters are very powerful. You will touch many people as you have done on each of the journeys you have taken thus far in your life. You are a light filled with love. Let it shine Suzie Woozie!!


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